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  • Version: 0.8.2

Realistic spaceship simulator

Adrorium is a free yet advanced 3D spaceship simulation game developed by Beholdernx. This space game combines both survival and exploration into one package. Your goal is to stay alive and reach the center of the galaxy. As a sturdy and organized ship is vital in overcoming challenges along the way, you must build a feared battleship and manage its system properly. You can do so by following protocols and mastering each console type that approximately has 50 different buttons. Taking care of your survival bar also hugely matters, so you need to make sure that you eat, sleep, use the toilet, heal, drink and raise your morale daily to increase your chance of survival

Have fun exploring the galaxy

Here, in Adrorium, you will explore the galaxy with an MFM drive and visit hundreds of procedurally generated unique sectors that have stations, asteroid fields, enemy drones planets, bases, etc. Midway, you will come across friendly races wherein you can get rewards and boost your reputation when you complete it. Local trading is also a trend in this simulation game. Tons of regular items can be acquired, as well as rare item offers from hidden traders, although you must know where to find them. 

As your spaceship will defend against rogue drones, you must design it with hundreds of functional and decorative blocks and turn it into a tenacious battleship that can surpass waves of drones. Every battle you finish, you must go to the space station to fix the damage caused when fighting with drones. 

Adrorium offers a multiplayer game mode and host servers that allow 20 players to play online at the same time. Player vs. player (PvP) game mode is also possible, but you should play this option in one sector at a time. Moreover, it provides joystick or controller support. With the outstanding gameplay and game mode it serves, Adrorium deserves to be called as one of the best spaceship simulator games to this date. Even though this is still in development, it doesn’t fail to deliver a great galaxy and spaceship management experience that is close to reality. 


  • Realistic spaceship simulation game
  • Awesome gameplay
  • Provides game modes
  • Offers joystick or controller support


  • Multiplayer only works with photon server
  • PvP can only be played in one sector

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